What You Can Do With an Extension

People get extensions for all kinds of different reasons, but what you do with your extension is ultimately down to you. Furthermore, this can also be down to a personal budget, and what amount of money you are looking to spend on the job. It goes without saying that having an extension built isn’t cheap, but it is most certainly a worthwhile investment. It provides a whole bunch of benefits for you and your home, including increasing the value of the property, sometimes quite significantly depending on the quality and scale of the extension itself.

Although extensions provide so many amazing perks, the most important thing is knowing exactly what you want the extension to be, and having a clear vision of its purpose. Sometimes people get an extension simply because they want a bigger home or a bit of a transformation and upgrade, and maybe even because they want to increase the value of their property, but you will often find that having a vision makes the process a lot easier.

So, here are a few ideas of what you could do with an extension…


New bedroom

One of the most common reasons for people extending their home, is that it coincides with them extending their family. Perhaps you have a new child on the way, or are planning this for the future, and you would benefit from an extra bedroom to keep the house spacious and roomy. This is a much cheaper, more cost effective and hassle-free alternative to rehoming. With extending your current home, you get to still enjoy all the things you know and love along with essentially gaining the same benefits of moving house into somewhere bigger. Furthermore, as this would be a brand new bedroom, it gives you a lot of freedom in how it would be designed, allowing you to turn your vision into a reality and make it exactly what you want it to be.


Games room

Why not be a little more adventurous? Upgrade your home to something more fun and entertaining – perfect if you have a big family or children. This can also help keep some of the chaos separate from the rest of the home whilst giving the family a place to wind down, relax and enjoy themselves.


Bigger kitchen

If you have underused space outside your house, why not put it to good use? Extending your kitchen and turning it into more of a living space and communal dining area is the perfect way to take advantage of this. We take pride in our home interiors, and having a stunning, grand kitchen is a guaranteed way to impress guests and have you take pride in your property. The cost of this depends entirely on the size of the extension, which also allows you to set your own budget and plan the extension in a way that suits you.



Tired of having to get out and go to the gym every day? You can have your very own right at home! Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just walk downstairs in the morning for your workout, rather than having to travel to the gym, as well as pay for a membership?! Although you would have to invest in gym equipment, this is a very cost effective and worthwhile investment. It is so much more convenient and allows you to make the gym tailored to you and your workout preferences.


Bigger living space

You may not necessarily want anything new through building an extension, but to just have a bigger house and more space to enjoy and open the place up. You may have a bit of empty land outside that you could build on and transform the inside of your home whilst adding value to the property. Extending rooms such as your living room is a great way to create more living space and allow you to welcome guests.


For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about having an extension built, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!