Revamp Your Home with Joinery

Joinery covers a whole spectrum of work, and because of this, it means there are lots of opportunities to completely revamp your home in all sorts of different ways. With joinery, you can make basic changes, or you can completely alter the whole interior design of your home and the atmosphere that this creates. If you are looking to have a bit of a renovation, or are perhaps moving into a new house and need to change the design so that it suits you, joinery often plays a key role in doing this. 

As it is a heavy feature in property maintenance and development, we thought we’d talk about how you can revamp and improve your home with joinery…


What is joinery?

The dictionary definition of joinery, is simply joining wood together. This sounds like quite a basic description, however the job itself can be done in all sorts of different ways. Whether it’s building window and door frames, or staircases, or pieces of furniture to go in the living room. Joiners are capable of constructing all sorts of useful household parts and facilities. 


Start in the kitchen

A lot of people like to refresh the design of their kitchen every few years. This could simply be changing the colour scheme, by painting the walls and buying new accessories to match, or perhaps you want to replace things like the kitchen tops, cabinets, and cupboard doors. The extent of the revamp is completely up to you, but joinery work covers a lot of things that can completely transform the appearance.

Perhaps you’re looking to turn your kitchen into more of a social space, as opposed to an area to just cook and prepare food. Therefore, you might want your work tops to be converted into a breakfast bar, or perhaps you would like an island to be built in the middle where guests can sit and gather, and also dine together. Joiners are able to use their strong attention to detail and fantastic handiwork to turn these visions into a reality. Furthermore, a revamp of the kitchen is also an opportunity to replace things like old cupboard door, so that you have everything looking completely brand new. 


Retain the heat this winter

With the cold winter months looming, what better time to get your home ready and prepared for the harsh weather and low temperatures? We all like to enjoy cosy nights in the winter, but sometimes retaining heat can be hard, especially with old windows and doors. Quite often, these will let in a draft, as well as allowing the indoor heat to escape. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can also lead to a rise in heating bills, as you will be required to use this more. 

The perfect solution to this is to replace your windows and doors and the frames around them. New and modern designs are made to keep the area completely sealed and prevent loss of heat as well as any drafts coming in from outside. Furthermore, it’s needless to say that this is also visually impressive. New doors and windows look fantastic on houses, and really alter the appearance, giving your home a refreshed and modern appeal. 


Get an authentic look with handmade furniture

Creating an authentic and natural look in your house can be really interesting, and allow for lots of experimenting with the rest of the interior design. All furniture made through joinery is of very high quality and quite often, you are able to have it tailored to how you want it. Therefore, if you have a particular vision of something in mind, a joiner will be able to bring the idea to life and build a piece of furniture to match your home perfectly. Whether it’s something small like a wooden coffee table, to your dining table and chairs. Handmade furniture is really remarkable and very slick with its natural and authentic appearance. 

For more information or if you would like to speak to us in regards to some joinery work, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.