Repairing Your Fencing this Summer

Since the UK isn’t somewhere that gets much nice weather all year round, it is quite common that our gardens, and in particular things like fencing, get neglected a lot throughout the year. However, with summer now upon us, what better time to look after your home exterior and make sure that your garden is in good shape and looking fantastic? Over time, the fencing outside your house will become damaged, and this can be down to all kinds of reasons, such as poor weather conditions, to it simply being old, worn and outdated. However, getting fencing repaired is not always a priority to people, and nor something that gets taken care of straight away. Looking after your fencing doesn’t necessarily mean repairing it from damage either, but it also means the upkeep in maintenance so as to prevent any common damage in the future. 


Why it’s important to repair your fencing…

First and foremost, fencing keeps your property secure. Having damaged fencing can increase the chance of hindering protection and potentially put your house at risk. It also keeps your property secure in the sense that if you have children or dogs, it stops them from getting out of the garden and out of sight or in risk of danger. Fencing also provides you with an element of privacy, as well as completing the decor of your garden.

Generally speaking, fencing is very long lasting and low-maintenance. Therefore, when you notice any kind of damage, we advise that you get this seen to and repaired to prevent any further damage and put it back in good condition so that it is going to be reliable and last for a long time in the future without any issues. 


Common types of damage

There are lots of common types of damage we witness with fencing, no matter how big or small. This includes things like warping, holes or cracks, and missing slats. There are a number of reasons as to why these problems occur, but there are also things you can do to prevent them from happening. 

One problem that is very common, is leaning. If a fence panel gets knocked slightly out of place, be that due to high winds and poor weather conditions or aging, it often results in the fence leaning out of place. This can be quite dangerous if the panel is sticking out, but also risk the fence breaking as well as leaving a gap in the protection of your property. Sometimes, this problem can be easily solved by simply putting the fence panel back into place and ensuring that the posts are steady and in the right position. However, if the fencing is badly damaged from the leaning so that it is out of shape, broken or unrepairable, we advise that you get a new panel fitted to replace it. 

Another common fencing problem, that causes an eyesore more than anything else, is things like stains and rotting. Again, this is quite a natural thing that can be tricky to prevent, but you can help the problem by cleaning it off soon after you notice it. This can be done gently by hand or if the fence is a bit bigger and stronger, it’s good to use a pressure washer. 

Missing boards and slats are another issue with fencing. Again, this can happen due to bad weather, or simply if there is weakening which leads to it falling off easily. This is both an eyesore and a security problem for your garden. However, this is also a problem that is easily fixed. If your fence is missing some boards, panels or slats, you can get replacements fitted and then paint these to match with the rest of the fencing. On the other hand, if this seems to happen regularly, you may want to seek professional advice as it may be a better solution to replace a larger section of your fencing in order to stop this from happening.

For more information or if you would like to speak to us regarding any fencing repair or replacement, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!