Eco-Friendly Roofing: Three Ways To Do It In 2021

With both climate change and global warming continuing to take their toll on the planet, it’s never been more important that each and every one of tries to do our bit to be a little more environmentally friendly.


While there are certain changes that we can make within our daily lives to help the planet – ditching the plastic straws and single-use carrier bags, of course – there is still plenty of room for improvement. One such way that we can do this is by making the very structure of our homes a little more eco-friendly – and the roof is a great way to start.


Not only is the roof one of the parts of the home where taking environmentally-friendly options into account can have the greatest overall impact, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to maximise the resale value of your property. The future is green, so eco-friendly roofing is a huge point of appeal for potential buyers these days.


So, for the eco-conscious among us, here are three ways to introduce eco-friendly roofing into your home design in 2021 – it may just be the best roofing decision that you ever make.


Go For Sustainable Materials


Choosing the materials that will be used within the construction of your new roof is an incredibly important decision, especially if you’re looking to make your new roof as environmentally friendly as possible.


The best way to do this is by going for materials that are either sustainable or widely recycled – and you have a few different options to choose from.


First off is clay. As clay tiles are formed from natural materials, they are often recycled, making clay a particularly sustainable roofing material. Of course, you still want to ensure that your roofing is durable, so you’ll be pleased to know that clay tiles have been refined and developed over the years to make today’s clay tiles as strong as possible.


Another great option is concrete. As you can imagine, concrete is yet another incredibly durable and reliable material, making it a popular choice for those looking to have their roof replaced today. Again, the material is widely recycled – once concrete tiles are removed from a roof, they can be broken down and used for no shortage of other applications.


Clay and concrete are just two of the most sustainable options out there today when it comes to roofing materials, so be sure to do your research into your materials ahead of time to select the best option for you.


Have Your Roof Properly Insulated


A roof is only as effective as its insulation!


When you have a new roof put onto your home, ensure that you are having your roof fully and correctly insulated. This will allow your home to retain heat during the winter, decreasing the amount of that those within the house rely on the assistance of central heating during the winter months.


Not only will this allow your household to reduce your carbon footprint, but it may also reflect positively on your household bills – after all, the less that you find yourselves using central heating, the smaller your central heating bill should be.


Of course, insulation itself isn’t always created using the most eco-friendly materials,  so be sure to put some thought into your materials when organising to have your insulation installed. Two great options are insulation created using sheep’s wool and Cellulose insulation, which is made from recycled newspaper.


Materials best avoided by those looking to keep their new roof and insulation as eco-friendly as possible include popular choices such as Fiberglass, which cannot be recycled and generally uses more energy during its production process than its eco-friendly counterparts. It’s always best to check before you choose.


Have Solar Panels Installed


The obvious choice – and for good reason.


It’s estimated that around two million homes in the UK use solar panels to generate at least some of their day-to-day energy and that number is only set to grow over the next few years.


It’s a common misconception that installing solar panels onto your roof is an unreliable source of energy and that it could leave you without power should you be caught short of solar energy on a short winter day. This isn’t the case! If your home is unable to generate all of its energy from solar power alone, it will still make up that power using electricity from the national grid.


However, this hasn’t dampened the popularity of solar panels, as they continue to grow in demand amongst homeowners. In fact, it’s estimated that having solar panels installed could increase the value of your home by an average of £30,000!


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