Do I Need a Joiner?

When you are looking at getting something repaired or are wanting some work done in your home, it can be difficult and confusing knowing who to contact for help. For example, a lot of the time there is a bit of a cross-over with carpenters and joiners, and people struggle with knowing which they need for the job. Both of these work with wood and timber based construction projects, however each have their own differences that make them both unique. Getting the right professional help is key in achieving the best possible outcome and ensuring that the job is done well.


What is a joiner?

Joiners work mostly with wood based materials, and as the name suggests, they focus primarily on the joining together of such materials and constructing household furniture and facilities. Wooden components built and fitted in joinery include door and window frames, staircases, doors and wooden furniture such as tables and chairs.


Do I need a joiner?

This all comes down to the job in question. What is it that you need fixing or constructing in your home? If, as mentioned above, it involves staircases, doors and door and window frames as some primary examples, then a joiner would be the best person for the job. They will be able to carry out a professional service and construct the component safely and reliably.

A qualified joiner will have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in constructing the household facilities you require and we would always recommend getting a professional to do the job. Following the construction of these components, it is actually usually carpenters that will fit it into your home. As carpenters and joiners come from the same trade, there are similarities in the work they are involved with. However for any kind of wood based construction work, you should be looking to get help from a joiner.


Getting creative with joinery

With a lot of joinery, the job can be quite bespoke. This means that if you have something specific (but realistic!) in mind, a joiner will be able to bring this idea and vision to life and create the component as you would like it. Perhaps you want a particular style of staircase, or a certain coloured door frame, or perhaps you want to impress your guests with a brand new, custom-made dining table that adds a bit of character and a focal point in your home. Approaching a joiner with your ideas and wishes allows them to create and focus on a project whereby they will be able to get a bit more creative and construct the perfect components for your home.

For more information or if you would like to hire us for some joinery work, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!