Are You Looking to Remove a Wall in Your Home?

Here at Culcheth Property Maintenance, we take on all kind of projects including structural alterations. One of the most common things we deal with when it comes to these kind of jobs, is removing a wall. This can be a tricky process, but as skilled and trained professionals, we are capable of transforming your home into something brand new and turning your visions into a reality.


Making your home feel bigger

There are lots of reasons why you may want to knock down a wall in your home, but one of the main reasons, is to make your home more open planned and as a result, make it feel bigger. For example, perhaps you have a wall between your dining room and living room, but would prefer for this all to be one big room. Or perhaps there is a wall between your kitchen and dining area, and it would be easier for it to just be connected as one big room where you can easily serve food etc. Not only this, but taking a wall out tends to make your house feel bigger and more spacious. Therefore, sometimes when people are looking for more space and are feeling a little cramped in their homes, they opt for this to open the place up and solve this problem.


It has to be approved

Now one thing you should know is that if you get the idea of taking out a wall, it’s not guaranteed that this is going to be possible. You can’t necessarily just choose any wall in your home, as certain ones are actually there to support the structure of the building and essentially hold it together. Structure walls cannot be removed or knocked down as this presents danger to the building and would make it a hazard.


Only seek help from professionals

When looking to remove a wall in your house, you must ALWAYS contact a professional. This is a pretty big job, so you most certainly need someone that knows exactly what they’re doing. They will be able to determine what is safe, and take down any walls in a safe and controlled way with the ability to turn your visions into a reality and make your new interior look exactly how you would like it to.


Less privacy, more social space

Removing a wall in your house  tends to make your home more social, as it allows people to be in the same place rather than separated into individual rooms. This could be good for if you have quite a big family, or often have guests coming round, as it allows more room for you to all get together. On the other hand, removing a wall can also remove an element of privacy. Individual rooms of course keep things segregated, so you should consider whether this would sacrifice too much of the privacy in your home.

For more information and advice about removing a wall in your home, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!