2018 Design Trends to Use in Your Kitchen

Is it time to switch things up in your kitchen? This is one of the rooms in our homes that we like to change every once in a while, but it can be difficult deciding where to go with it next. Perhaps you want to make some drastic changes, like with changing furniture for example, or maybe you just want to incorporate a little pop of colour somewhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely renovating the place or just buying a few new accessories and wondering what colour to go for, a little change can go a long way!

We’ve gathered together a few of the most popular kitchen design trends in 2018 to try and help give you a few ideas.



Metallic colours

This is something that is becoming growingly popular in kitchens. A lot of kitchens tend to be designed quite simplistically in terms of colour, and metallic accessories or touches create the perfect balance in adding something stand out-ish and eye catching, but also still keeping the design quite toned down and plain looking. You may add metallic colours through things like your crockery and utensils, or maybe even cupboard doors. This is the perfect way to compliment the design of your kitchen and make it shine.




This year, people are LOVING islands. Surprisingly, they can actually make your kitchen look bigger and more spacious, but they have far more value than that both practically and in terms of design. Having an island can add a whole new storage area for your kitchen, or act as a breakfast bar or little dining area, and you can even make them really modern with a wireless phone charging station! Islands look great, too. They add a whole new dynamic to the place and make it look like a whole new kitchen. If you’re looking for a bit more of a dramatic change, this is definitely the move we’d recommend.




Pastel as a colour scheme has been quite an on-and-off trend over the years. The make the place look very delicate, fun and cosy, and can be brought in through all kinds. They’re a little more subtle than bright, bold colours, but are still different and a good way to change things up from the standard black, grey and white that we more often find in kitchens.


Bright and bold colours

Adding big and bold colours may not require that much of a dramatic amount of work, but they certainly create a big impact. You have to be quite brave to make the leap from having basic, monotone colours, to things like bright red, yellow or blue, but we can definitely say that it pays off, as it always looks great! Adding this pop of colour could be done simply, through changing things like your accessories, kettle, toaster, pans, and it will still create a huge change in the design of your kitchen. It gives the place a bit of personality and makes it a stand-out room in the house.



Extra lighting

Of course, you will have your main light in the kitchen, but what’s to say there’s no room for more? Perhaps a few spotlights, or some under-cabinet lighting. Adding small amounts of light in focused areas adds a really unique mood to the room.


If you’re interested in getting some work done on your kitchen, we’d be more than happy to help! To speak to us, get in touch via the details on our contact page and we can make plans in transforming your kitchen into something great.